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Q-DAS RTM | Realtime Monitoring

Process monitoring directly from the database

Q-DAS RTM | Realtime Monitoring

Q-DAS RTM helps machine operators to monitor the manufacturing process. The operator can visualise the manufacturing process for a single machine using a direct database connection. The simple and intuitive setup wizard makes it easier to set up each new monitoring action. Automated parts replacement completes the functionality.

Web-based – a single installation, accessible from anywhere

Q-DAS RTM is one of the new Q-DAS web products, as is Q-DAS qs-STAT Web. What they all have in common is that they are launched via a web browser and the new Q-DAS Web-Launcher. A classic client installation is therefore no longer necessary. There is just one server installation with the required client installation also on the server.

Download the information Flyer (PDF 1.29 MB)




Easy to set up

Easy interpretation of the visualisation

Registration for software demo


T: +49 6201 3941 160

Monitoring the manufacturing process – use RTM to monitor the manufacturing process directly from the database

RTM is intended to make the monitoring of a machine as easy as possible for the user and to monitor the production regardless of the part or parts currently produced on the machine (and thus the process). Once set up, RTM works fully automatically and monitors the process; parts are even replaced automatically. This makes it easier for the machine operator or the user to monitor the manufacturing process without further assistance.

The indicator design immediately signals to the operator that something was wrong with the last measurement. The tool uses a simple two-state system, green or red, to indicate the status. With the detailed view at the feature level, it is easy to find out which feature triggered the alarm or the breach of the limit value.


Easy setup – guided wizards help you do the setup in a few clicks

Using the simple and highly intuitive wizard, you can set up the monitoring in just a few clicks. When developing Q-DAS RTM, as with all the other new web products, great importance has been attached to making the system setup as easy as possible for the user. Initial creation, modification or deletion of the object for the monitoring requires just a few clicks. The wizard guides the user and gives information about the options, for example, which graphics are available.



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