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Q-DAS | COVID-19 Information

Q-DAS IMC version 2

Correlation between tool data and measurement values - connecting it

Establish a link between tool data and measured values and create clear communication between machine tools and the database with additional controls through the new version.




T: +49 6201 3941 160

Main screen during the process

The new version of Q-DAS IMC makes it possible to have all necessary information at a glance via the main screen during a process. It shows all available machines as well as their status. This allows the user to see whether the machine is connected, disconnected or faulty. Furthermore, an overview of projects, results and possible alarms can be displayed.

Additional machine tool controllers available

With the new version, more machine controls have been added to read and write information. Furthermore, more functions with Fanuc control have been added, such as runtime and idle time of machine tools.



Simple connection

By simply creating a project, connections between tools and features can be saved. Multiple projects can be assigned to a machine tool, making it easy for the user to use.

Manual correction mode

With the new version, no manual corrections will be made on the machine tool in the future. With the introduction of a manual correction mode, machine operators can easily correct tools in the software.

Success story - how other customers use our software

BOOSTER Precision Components GmbH

Automatic calculation and transfer of tool compensation values by Q-DAS IMC

BOOSTER Precision Components places the highest quality demands on the production of the compressor wheels. The aim of the project was the introduction of the Q-DAS IMC, in order to have a reliable, standardised and automated process based on the calculation of statistical key figures, with tool correction adjustment, to sustainably increase the product quality and to further optimise the process stability.

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