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Q-DAS | COVID-19 Information


Intelligent monitoring and control of the production process

Q-DAS IMC | Intelligent Machine Control

Q-DAS IMC is a software application for clear communication between machine tools and the Q-DAS database. It forms the basis for usable data in your manufacturing process and enables you to gain detailed insights into your data, to evaluate the history in order to improve future processes. By creating added value from the preparation, presentation and evaluation of data, you also drive digitisation in your company.


More autonomy, connectivity, and control

The latest release of Intelligent Machine Control allows you to make even smarter tool corrections with more autonomy and connectivity, adding the ability to run in the background and connect via web based GUI, more supported controllers, and new user access and permissions control.



T: +49 6201 3941 160

Increasing process capability made easy


Intelligent networked systems

Efficient links between the machine, machine measurement and external systems, giving you greater insight and control over your production process.

Added value from data

In times of increasing cost and competitive pressure, it is important to make the right decisions in the company quickly and proactively. In a world with increasing floods of data, data analysis is becoming increasingly important in many companies.

Statistical evaluation instead of snapshots

Comprehensible statistical analysis instead of many snapshots. This gives you a better overview and more control over your production process quickly and easily.

Automatic tool correction

The evaluation method compensates tool wear and temperature changes by using relevant parameters and mathematical strategies. Tool corrections are calculated and applied automatically. Quick gut decisions for tool correction are a thing of the past.

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