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Q-DAS eMMA 3.2.0

Faster, better, safer!

Q-DAS offers with the software product Q-DAS eMMA for 3D measurement data management a well-structured administration of three-dimensional measurement data already in product planning and product development as well as in complex assembly sequences. Users of the new version 3.2.0 will benefit from easier data management, new search dialog for components parts and security improvements. By taking advantage of the new database management system query technologies, the software optimizes the SQL requests by preparing statements for quick access to data objects, as well as blocking possible “SQL injection” attacks. The new version brings for its users an additional security level for authentication and access to data objects by supporting the “OAuth1” authentication, that offers a more secure web service communication protocol.


Easier data management

The new Q-DAS eMMA 3.2.0 version allows keeping track of the history protocol of important administrative changes. The administrator can now monitor the added/deleted users in the eMMA Admin Client module and can now keep track of the assigned/unassigned licenses to/from Q-DAS eMMA users in the Admin Client module.



Quick access to eMMA Reporter

The web-based quality monitoring tool Q-DAS eMMA Reporter is now accessible directly from the Client module. The new added tab named Reporter shows a list of links of the exported reports, that facilitates the user’s access to navigate directly into Q-DAS eMMA Reporter simply by clicking the button.



New search dialog for component parts

Q-DAS eMMA 3.2.0 comes with a brand-new search dialog for easier exploration of component parts. The user can simply type a part of the reference number of the component part, followed before/after with the % symbol, and eMMA will list all the available component parts that contains the specified reference number.



Enhanced 3D Analysis Experience

The 3D analysis modules offer a new display mode labelled Boxplot that provides to the user a summary of the statistical values for a large group of measurements. At a glance, the users can have a quick overview of the Cp/Cpk values, feature tolerances, min/max values, etc. available in different axes.



Displaying the number of selected features

Q-DAS eMMA 3.2.0 introduces a new functionality available in all 3D analysis modules. The number of selected features is now displayed at the bottom left corner of the editor window.




Optimization of Client-Server Communication

Improved interactive analysis of optical measurements

Performance and security improvements


T: +49 6341 96899 00

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  • Extensions

    The following functionalities are a perfect extension to Q-DAS eMMA:


    Q-DAS eMMA Analyst is a flexible and versatile module for the analysis of measurement results. Using statistical key performance indicators (KPIs), it provides insights that enables you to have better control over prototyping, launch, ramp-up and production processes.

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    Quality assurance at the production line requires the detection of tolerance deviations in real time and the identification of the cause of such deviations.

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    Q-DAS eMMA Planner is a module created to facilitate the management of inspection plans for both single parts and assembly structures.

    Learn more

    Generating quality reports for thousands of parts can become a time consuming and cumbersome task. Although report templates have been adopted as a technique to reuse part of the design work, the creation of such templates still requires a great deal of time as well as experienced users in the use of template generation tools.

    Learn more

    Q-DAS eMMA Inspector is a module specially designed to support the easy and fast analysis of large sets of optical measurement results. The rich 3D native environment enables users to smoothly explore and interact with the data as they identify and compare regions of interest. Likewise other eMMA modules, eMMA Inspector also supports both PDF documentation and interactive on-the-fly 3D analysis.

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    Q-DAS eMMA Assembler is a module for graphical analysis of virtual assemblies in based on eMMA Analyst. It combines the powerful analytic capabilities of the eMMA Analyst to be applied simultaneously to multiple component parts and virtual linked-features.

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