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Quality Assurance end-to-end suite

How Connected Quality automate your Quality Process

With the current product release of the two product lines Q-DAS and eMMA 3.5.0, the Quality Assurance suite offers the user a better data flow and thus higher added value of the production data.
With the seamless data flow between the inspection software PC-DMIS via SPC analysis up to ETQ quality management, the added value of the data and evaluations increases and gives the user more insight into the production process.
The data is transferred in a workflow and provides a one-stop end-to-end solution to monitor the processes even better.
The improved connectivity to other Hexagon solutions enables effective quality management. This ensures that production goals are met by reducing costs and sustaining production performance.

Learn how Dynamic Inspection reduce your CMM cycle time and Connected Quality automate your Quality Process.

With enhanced features such as “Dynamic Inspection” in Q-DAS, support for import/export of GD&T tolerances and results in eMMA, and a new interface to the ETQ quality management system, production and quality costs will be reduced and on-time delivery is ensured.

Quality Management at glance
Quality Management at glance

Reduce inspection time while maintaining High Quality Standards


Dynamic Inspection is a solution that helps customers reduce CMM inspection time in relation to the stability of their manufacturing process.
Enabling customers to focus on the critical characteristics/ dimensions, with a 100% inspection while measuring the other features in a sequential and dynamic way, this would allow customers to reduce their inspection cycle time on the CMM drastically. In case of quality alarm, the incriminated characteristic or feature would be measured until reaches a phase of stability.


Reduction of cycle times.

GD&T tolerances and result import make decitions easy

(eMMA 3.5.0)

With the upcoming 3.5.0 release of eMMA, the actual feature location and an increasing number of GD&T feature types are now supported. The expansion of the list of GD&T feature types will help to extend the eMMA market to more industries that use many GD&T feature types, among others. High connectivity is ensured by the support of many formats, including the native PC-DMIS format DataPageStats-XML for the import of inspection plans and measurement results.


The eMMA users have now the chance to import more types of GD&T features with their inspection plan for further analysis and monitoring.

Connected Quality data with ETQ interface


With the Q-DAS, offers a fluent integration with ETQ Quality Management System, to automate the NCR generation in case of quality alarms, ensuring full quality traceability in a collaborative environment to apply the right Disposition for the incriminated parts and apply a long-term Corrective Action Preventive Action (CAPA) and powerful BI overview to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of your corrective actions, and drastically reduce your quality costs.


Reduce Quality & Operating Costs, Reduce measurement bottlenecks. Improve Customers satisfaction, by ensuring on time delivery and high-quality standards.


  • Reduction in quality and operating costs
  • Improve resource allocation
  • Reduce measurement bottlenecks
  • Focus on critical features and characteristics while maintaining overall quality of the entire part
  • Improve customer satisfaction by ensuring on-time delivery and high quality standards

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