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Join the revolution in Quality Assurance

Discover how AI is redefining quality

Advances in data analysis now make it possible to gain early insights into quality trends. The advances enable us to shift from reactive quality assurance to preventive quality assurance.

The new release of the Q-DAS product family allow for a wide range of solutions, from entry-level to AI-powered analytics. The latest innovation brought into both product families Q-DAS and eMMA are TSAF: Time-Series Analysis and Forecasting. This new AI module enables the prediction of measurements based on the analysis of a measurement time-series.

Interactive exploration and visualisation of the predicted values facilitate the early identification of processes and KPIs that might fall out of specification in the future. Various reporting and alarming options can be configured on demand depending on the base platform.


New AI integration with automated time-series analysis and forecasting

With the implementation of this functionality, the users of the Quality Assurance products get the ability to learn more about processes in terms of stability and potential tolerance deviations. With the forecast they can act before real problems occur.

Prediction graph
Prediction graph


In qs-STAT that are 2 main functions, the Validation and Forecast mode:

·       With the Validation mode the user can test and validate the accuracy of the forecasting on an existing set of measured values. 

·       In the Forecasting mode the user can see predicted upcoming values to show the prediction uncertainty.


Now in M-QIS users can define a reporting system job where they can apply TSAF evaluation to predict quality values when it predicts alarms it will automatically save a report on a specific location.


Q-DAS eMMA version 3.4.0. includes intelligence technology TSAF, specially tailored for the analysis of manufacturing data. The system learns from the previous measurements and gives an accurate prediction of the future trend of measurement results: automated, quick and accurate.


Combines perfectly with other solutions from the Hexagon portfolio

The QA portfolio suits the target group of users from the field that already uses PC-DMIS and Quindos to measure on the CMM, where Q-DAS or eMMA can capture and store this data to validate the Measurement system and the production machine capability, monitor in real-time the process capability and with the new TSAF feature users can predict alarms and react before a process gets out of control.



·       Detect problems before they occur 

·       Initiate corrective actions in advance 

·       Ensure that process capability targets are met 

·       Achieve better process KPIs

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