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Q-DAS | COVID-19 Information

Q-DAS | Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence for Quality Assurance

Q-DAS offers industry leading technology that learns from your data, enabling you to optimise your inspection processes.

Analyse. Learn. Optimise. Repeat.

Q-DAS utilises market leading A.I. technology that learns from your data to leverage the quality of your future outcomes, allowing you to optimise the frequency and effectiveness of your inspection processes. 

Our A.I. driven technology gives you the ability to optimise your inspection processes to dynamically enhance preformance, save on resources by only running inspection routines when needed, detect patterns in your data to uncover trends that can influence future outcomes, and repeat positive results allowing you to progress towards increasing autonomy.


Learn more about our A.I. capabilities.

Download Flyer (PDF 1.51 MB)

Dynamic Sampling

Fine tune your routines

Dynamic Sampling allows you to right size sample sizes and frequencies based on your particular process capability and process stability.


Dynamic Inspection

Focus on critical features

Dynamic Inspection Scoping allows you to focus on critical features and attributes while maintaining overall quality of the entire part. 


Distribution Model Detection

A.I. powered identification of distribution model

Utilise neural networks to automatically identify the correct distribution model of your data and perform more accurate evaluations.


Open Data

Extend the power of your data

Our Python interface enables the extension of analytics capabilities via 3rd party A.I. libraries, extending the value of your inspection results.