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Q-DAS | COVID-19 Information


43 results:
1. Stability cards in solara.MP and procella  
…Stability cards in solara.MP and procellaIn addition to the pure evaluation of stability data sets in solara.MP, the question of the further control chart, the interaction of solara.MP for evaluation, and the…  
2. V11 brief introduction to solara.MP  
…V11 brief introduction to solara.MPThis document shows how little effort it takes to evaluate data statistically.Download  
3. V13 solara.MP - type conversion  
…V13 solara.MP - type conversionThis document describes how to use different evaluation for already recorded data in solara.MP by changing the data format with the "Type conversion" option. For example, how to convert…  
4. Q-DAS LAUNCHES Q-DAS solara.MP Web  
…Q-DAS LAUNCHES Q-DAS solara.MP WebThe release offers a web application no longer requiring any local installationQ-DAS GmbH, part of Hexagon, today announced the release of its new browser-based and…  
5. Q-DAS solara.MP Web  
… needed Online available Registration for software demo A flyer offers specific details about solara.MP: Download solara.MP flyerCONTACT US T: +49 6201 3941 160 F: +49…  
6. V11 solara.MP - measurement system analysis type 1 study  
…V11 solara.MP - measurement system analysis type 1 studyThis document explains how to perform a type 1 study using solara.MP, V11.Case studyCase study sample file  
7. V11 solara.MP - measurement system analysis type 2 study  
…V11 solara.MP - measurement system analysis type 2 studyThis document explains how to use solara.MP, v11, to perform a type 2 study.Case studyCase study sample file  
8. V13 numerical validation in solara.MP  
…V13 numerical validation in solara.MPWith the FAQ documents listed below, we are offering you tools for the numerical validation of solara.MP in Version 13. In this series of documents, we refer to the results from…  
9. V12 solara.MP attribute analyses  
…V12 solara.MP attribute analysesThis FAQ series focuses on how to deal with attribute analyses in solara.MP.Case study 1: Overview and selection of evaluation methodsCase study 2: MSA nominal ordinal group of…  
10. V11 destra / vidara / qs-STAT / solara.MP - functional differences  
…V11 destra / vidara / qs-STAT / solara.MP - functional differencesDue to the configuration management, responsible persons have the opportunity to adjust the settings and configurations for user groups and single…  
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