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We offer various software product training classes, different kinds of statistic seminars as well as SixSigma Green Belt workshops. The complete SixSigma Black Belt workshops are available through our headquarters in Germany as well. For  product, we offer modular classes in different stages, to be able to provide exactly that training to the users that they need. 

Training at our facility in Rochester Hills, MI

Scheduled training classes are available at our facility in Rochester Hills, MI, USA. For a description of our most popular classes and a training schedule, please review our current training brochure by clicking here

Training at your facility

If you prefer the training to be held at your facility, please contact us for individual scheduling. All classes are available as well.

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Tel.:   ++1 (248) 299 4910
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e-mail: training@q-das.com


If a personal face-to-face training is not possible, we now also offer our most popular classes as e-Learning courses on request. Please contact us for more information.

Class information

For more details about the individual classes as well as a schedule, please click on the links below. 

Product Training

Statistics Seminars

SixSigma Workshops

Q-DAS Training in Germany and Europe

Please follow this link below for information about training by the Q-DAS Academy in Germany.

Please contact the Q-DAS subsidiaries directly for training information in the Czech Republic, France, China, South Korea or Italy.

Please note: Duration of the individual training classes in Germany and the US may vary due to different user requirements.