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qs-STAT (Sample & Process Capability Analysis)

Brief Introduction to qs-STAT

This document shows how little effort it takes to evaluate data statistically. It might take you less than 20 minutes to work through this introduction.

Brief Introduction to qs-STAT

Evaluation strategy "Q-DAS Process Capability (06/2013)"

This document contains a description of the Evaluation Strategy "Q-DAS Process Capability (06/2013)" given in the Module "Process Capability" of the Software packages qs-STAT and destra.

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Activation of Additional Data Fields

Additional data are K-fields available at the value level; they contain specific information. You store value-specific information, such as time / date / operator /machine number / cavity number to the respective additional data fields. These fields help you to filter out specific information, e.g. you may search for values recorded during a specific period of time /provided by a certain machine / belonging to a certain cavity and evaluate them.

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