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Installation V11 Brief Introduction

This installation manual is addressed to computer users having basic knowledge in installations. We generally recommend you to read the detailed installation manual before installing the Software.

Download (PDF 332 KB)

Q-DAS Launcher

Users often ask the hotline team how they can open *.DFQ files either with qs-STAT, solara.MP or any other software product depending on which program they currently need. You can just link a single application with a specific file type in the operating system in order to open this application by double click on this file type. This is the reason why we developed the Q-DAS launcher.

Download (PDF 884 KB)

Update to V11

This document shows you the options available to upgrade your current Q-DAS software version to version 11. Please consider that you have to use a different upgrade option depending on whether you are working with a local or a server-client/shared license installation. We would also like to inform you about the fact that version V11 is an independent software package. You need a separate license key to install it.

Download (PDF 1.7 MB)