Q-DAS worldwide

Handling / Configuration


This document gives a brief overview of how to change the logo in the standard reports of the delivered version to your own company logo.

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This document shows you how to use the Windows user login in Q-DAS products.

You may include all users in the "Windows registration" user group who apply Q-DAS products and log on to a workstation by using a Windows user profile.

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User-Data in Reports

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Layout configuration in procella

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Advanced Filter

Advanced filters – how to apply them correctly;

Incorrectly created or applied advanced filters can lead to long response times when querying a large database.Filtering procedures that work well when the database is small and only small amount of data had been collected, may take a longer time once the database has grown. This documents explains the basic concept of creating and applying performance-oriented Q-DAS filters without detailing the processes taking place within the database system.

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Display of additional data

This document shows the available options for displaying additional data fields in the values mask.

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Changing the strategy

This document shows you how to change the descriptions and target values of capability indices individually in the evaluation strategy.

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Configuration Management

Due to the configuration management, responsible persons have the opportunity to adjust the settings and configurations for user groups and single users. This tool has many advantages, especially when working with various user groups having different demands.

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destra / Vidara / qs-STAT / solara.MP - Functional differences

This document is about functional differences between the "same" modules (e.g. Process Capability Analysis) in different "products" (e.g. destra).

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CMM-Reporting - How to Acknowledge

This document describes different options of how to confirm alarms in CMM-Reporting. Readers shall be acquainted with basic functions and the data flow of CMM-Reporting.

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attribute MSA

This document only describes options that are technically feasible in solara.MP with regard to "attribute MSA evaluations".

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Activation of Additional Data Fields

Additional data are K-fields available at the value level; they contain specific information. You store value-specific information, such as time / date / operator /machine number / cavity number to the respective additional data fields. These fields help you to filter out specific information, e.g. you may search for values recorded during a specific period of time /provided by a certain machine / belonging to a certain cavity and evaluate them.

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