Q-DAS worldwide

Evaluation Strategies for:

Version 11

Evaluation Strategies for Version 11


Evaluation Strategy ModuleDateRemark
Daimler Trucks
Daimler Trucks 10 2013 AS Machine AcceptanceSample Analysis2015-05-11Sample analysis machine capability for: delivery acceptance/ final Acceptance or after general overhaul
Daimler Trucks 10 2013 AS Production ProcessSample Analysis2015-05-11Production processes, machine relocation, outsourcing of production process
Daimler Trucks 10 2013 PCProcess Analysis2015-05-11Long term capability analysis for stable / unstable processes or DS/DZ characteristics 
Daimler Trucks 10 2013 GC NewGsolara.MP2015-05-11Measurement system analysis for new gages
Daimler Trucks 10 2013 GC UsedGsolara.MP2015-05-11Measurement system analyisis for existing gages
Ford Powertrain (V11 / 160419 and higher):

AS_FORD-PTO_2015-06 :

PTP07-116 1 and 5 Part
PTP07-116 10 Part
PTP07-116 Cold Start Test
PTP07-116 Tool Change Study

Sample Analysis


2016 machine pre-run acceptance studies


Machine Run-Off PTP07-116
On-Going PTP07-143 ImR
On-Going PTP07-143 subg
On-Going PTP07-143 ToCh
Process  Analysis2015-06   2016 machine capability & process control studies


PT Gauge Pre-Acceptance
PTS02-081ME new gauges
PTP07-015 on-going control
Solara.MP2015-06 2016 gauge acceptance studies

Version 10

Evaluation Strategies for Version 10


Evaluation Strategy ModuleDateRemark
Q-DAS Machine Capability (06/2013)Sample Analysis2013-09-09
Q-DAS Process Capability (06/2013)Process Analysis2013-09-09
Q-DAS solara.MP (release 110617 and higher):
Graphics_MSA_(4. Ed)solara.MP2011-06-22Graphics for MSA 4
Graphics_VDA5 (2n Ed)  solara.MP2011-06-22Graphics for VDA 5
Q-DAS Measurement Process Qualification (06/2013)solara.MP2013-09-09Correction: confidence level T2/T3 = 68.27%
Q-DAS destra:
RB-destra-SixSigma-03_2007-V10Reliability Analysis2011-11-24destra - Standard-Strategy
AS-destra-SixSigma-03_2007-V10Sample Analysis2011-11-24destra - Standard-Strategy
PC-destra-SixSigma-04_2009-V10Process Analysis2011-11-24destra - Standard-Strategy
GC-destra-SixSigma-04_2009-V10solara.MP2011-11-24destra - Standard-Strategy
BMW_MFU_(2013-01)Sample Analysis2013-02-22Release 10/120614 and higher
BMW_PFU_(2013-01)Process Analysis2013-02-22Release 10/120614 and higher
BMW MSA/VDA5 (2013-01)solara.MP2013-02-22Release 10/120614 and higher
BOSCH 2012Sample Analysis2013-02-15
BOSCH 2012 incl. %T (DRAFT)Sample Analysis2013-02-15
BOSCH 2012Process Analysis2013-02-15
BOSCH 2012 (Short term / Kurzzeit)Process Analysis2013-02-15
BOSCH 2012 incl. %T (DRAFT)Process Analysis2013-02-15
BOSCH 2012 - MSAsolara.MP2013-02-15
Daimler Truck (Release 10 / 111019 and higher):
Please contact hotline for older program versions
Sample Analysis2011-10-19Sample Analysis Machine capability studies: delivery / final machine acceptance or after a general machine overhaul
Sample Analysis2011-10-19Sample Analysis Production process (FPF) for: new parts, changes in the production process, moving of a machine, outsourcing of a production process
DaimlerTrucks_12_2011_PCProcess Analysis2011-10-19on-going process capability analysis
solara.MP2011-10-19Measurement system studies for new gages
solara.MP2011-10-19Measurement system studies for used gages
Ford Powertrain:
Ford ALL COEs AS PC GC V10 R1 (2013-02-21)

Sample, Process &

2012 & 2013

Release 10/121012 and higher

2013 machine and gauge acceptance studies, process control

GETRAG 2014 Short Term AnalysisSample Analysis2014-11-12
GETRAG 2014_Long Term AnalysisProcess Analysis2014-11-12
GETRAG 2014 Preliminary AnalysisProcess Analysis2014-11-12
GETRAG 2014 MSAsolara.MP2014-11-12
GMPT MSS 3x New Gagessolara.MP2014-0210/131127 or higher
GMPT MSS 3x Balancers solara.MP2010-10
GMPT MSS 3x Surface Texture  solara.MP2013-04
GMPT MSS 3x Press Force Gages solara.MP2013-12
GMPT MSS 3x New Gages Linearity solara.MP2014-0210/131127 or higher
GMPT MSS 3x Old Gages solara.MP2014-0210/131127 or higher
GMPT MARO 3x reset saved distribution Process Analysis2015-062015-06 modification
GMPT MARO 3x saved distribution Process Analysis2013-03
GMPT MARO 3x manual True Position inputProcess Analysis2015-062015-06 modification
GMPT MARO 3x AT-Gears - saved distributionProcess Analysis2013-03
GMPT GQR-016 PPAPProcess Analysis2015-062015-06 modification
GMPT GQR-016 ongoing Process Analysis2015-062015-06 modification
GMPT GQR-016 ongoing - old equipment Process Analysis2015-062015-06 modification
GMPT MARO 3x 1 & 5 part study Sample Analysis2008-07
GMPT MARO 3x Cold Start Test Sample Analysis2008-07
Mercedes Benz Cars:
Mercedes Benz Cars (11/2012) - Modul StichprobenanalyseSample Analysis2013-03-12
Mercedes Benz Cars (11/2012) - Modul ProzessanalyseProcess Analysis2013-03-12
Mercedes Benz Cars (11/2012) - Modul Messsystemanalysesolara.MP2013-03-12
VW-Konzern_10130_(06/2012)Sample Analysis2012-06-25Release 10/120614 and higher
VW-Konzern_10131_(06/2012)Process Analysis2012-06-25Release 10/120614 and higher
VW-Konzern_10119/VDA5_(06/2012)solara.MP2012-06-25Release 10/120614 and higher
ZFLS (ZF Steering Systems):
ZFLS (12/2014)Sample Analysis2015-01-16
ZFLS (12/2014)Process Analysis2015-01-16