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Advanced Quality Data Exchange Format (AQDEF)

The AQDEF (Advanced Quality Data Exchange Format) work group was founded to specify a standardized data exchange format, binding requirements for data aquisition and data transfer between measurement system manufacturers and Q-DAS software products.

It is the goal of the work group to reduce the effort for both measurement system manufacturers and end-customers by combining the requirements of multiple specifications for interfaces and data formats into one.

Enquiries / suggestions to the AQDEF work group

The work group is open for any questions and proposals. Please send your enquiry to AQDEF@q-das.de. The representatives of the Q-DAS company will suggest them to the work group.

Please send your enquiries in English or German, if possible.

Questions and answers

Henceforth, this section will list anonymised, frequently asked questions and their answers.

Documents for the Interface Certification through Q-DAS

Advanced Quality Data Exchange Format - AQDEF
(Version 4.1)


Q-DAS ASCII Transfer Format Manual
(Status: September 2015)

Additional documents of the AQDEF work group

The User Specification of the AQDEF work group offers recommendations for the development of an AQDEF interface which are also largely considered later by the end customer. 

AQDEF User specification
(Version 1.1)