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Q-DAS ASCII transfer format

The advantages of using the same data format throughout a company are self-evident: measurement data from a variety of measurement systems can be centralized without complications, allowing for consistent data management and analysis. It is also the best way to compare company-wide results, since data need not be converted, which reduces the scope for errors. This is even more effective when the measurement system manufacturer has had the Q-DAS data format certified. Thanks to the successful use of this data format, a number of large companies have decided to insist on the mandatory use of this format when ordering new measurement systems.

To reduce the effort measurement system manufacturers have to put into developing customer-specific implementations, as well as the effort customers have to put into generating specifications and verifying data formats, the AQDEF work group has developed a specification detailing a "quality data exchange format for the industry". This workgroup includes representatives from the following companies: BMW Group, DaimlerChrysler Group, Ford Group, Getrag GmbH & Cie KG, Getrag Ford GmbH, GM Powertrain Europe, Robert Bosch GmbH, and Volkswagen Group. This means that the data interface is now largely standardized.

You can find documents of the work group as well as detailed additional descriptions relating to the data format under Advanced Quality Data Exchange Format (AQDEF), and below on this page.

Technical Documents

Q-DAS ASCII Transfer Format Manual
Status: September 2015

Important remark

The data format extensions from 2001 are only supported in qs-STAT version millennium and higher.

Additional Information

Additional information about the Quality Markup Language (QML) can be found here.

Technical papers about the topic

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Technical paper in PIQ 2/03