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Project  support

Our System Integration Center is available to you as a highly qualified partner to ensure the successful implementation of Q DAS software products and the Q-DAS CAMERA Concept We’ll accompany you through all project stages, from planning and specification right up to management and maintenance of the system in operation, such as System specification, Installation, Configuration, System maintenance  and - optimizing. > more


Hotline Services are available in Germany and in the US. > more

Data Format Certification

The Q-DAS products procella and qs-STAT are based on the Q-DAS ASCII transfer format. This data format is by now considered the industry standard. Various multinationals specifically ask manufacturers of gauges and SPC systems to comply with this data format. In the past, the Q-DAS data format generated by third-party systems often led to problems, since the specifications were not sufficiently adhered to. In order to avoid this in future, we offer data format certification. > more