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A database system is a very helpful tool, especially to find specific data by using different selection and filter criteria. For this reason, all Q-DAS products include a  MS-Access database.

If a MS-Access is not sufficient as a database system out of performance reasons, Q-DBM offers interfaces to alternate database systems. This is typically the case if a large amount of measurement data is recorded and stored, as if very comprehensive database queries are done frequently. In these cases, it is recommended to store and analyze quality data using a MS-SQL or an Oracle database system Q-DBM is then used as a central data pool for storage and administration of the measurement data and the associated header information. This concept makes it easy to implement data storage that contains all essential quality information in a central location.

User-definable selection criteria allow for a fast access to the production data. As all filters and queries can be customized as needed, it also easy to load only specific data that is relevant for the evaluation of and a view into a certain production process. Weak points can be identified easily by using the comparison tools. Different factors such as different time frames, machines, materials or fixtures can be assessed and visualized in transparent graphical displays.

Integrated archiving and maintenance functions support an efficient management of quality data in the database. Data from definable time periods or contents can be  purged into archive databases or ASCII-files on a timer basis. Especially the ASCII Transfer Format ensures that data can be archived for long periods of time and without using a lot of disc space. The archiving tools make sure that the central database will keep a good performance in the long term, and that the amount of data stays manageable while meeting data retention requirements. Of course, archived data can still be restored and accessed again when required.